“Santa Gorizia” Folk Group Dances

In the antecedent years the first world conflict a group of young farmers of the suburb’s town of Gorizia called “St. Rocco” was usual to themselves, in particular occasions, such as marriages, feasts and carnival, wearing the traditional customs. In 1928, official year of foundation, the Group began to participate in various assemblies dressed in his costumed particularly to that of Venice where he brightly classified; it exhibited him in the various country parties and annually it recalled, to the traditional one “the farmers’ dance”, the ancient ceremony of the wedding following the Gorizia folk tradition.
In the following years the group has participated in the principal Italian folk demonstrations and he has been invited to represent Italy to various festivals and tournèes that have brought him to visit different nations: Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Yugoslavia, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Ceka Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Hungary and besides, Argentina, Brazil, Canada and United states.
The program of the group proposes the customs, the dances, the music the songs the uses and the traditions of our land and particularly of Gorizia. It really recalls, in the reality and on the scene the ancient ceremony of the “Wedding in Gorizia.”
Activity is completed by a continuous job of research within the popular traditions, collection of publications, video and compact-disk.